Timmermans Scrambler E-bike V2.0

For the exercise shy amongst us, an electric bike is always going to be an attractive proposition given its capacity to give you a little helping hand on those steeper inclines but, it’s fair to say not all electric offerings look quite as mesmerising as this amazing Timmermans Scrambler E-bike V2.0 which boasts the sort of vintage vibe we love here at Coolector HQ and a mighty impressive performance to boot.

The Timmermans Scrambler E-bike V2.0 takes its design inspiration from, as the name suggests, scrambler motorbikes but, instead of where you would conventionally expect to see a gas tank, this sleek looking contraption has an electric battery that powers its eye-catching performance. A stealthy looking ride indeed, the Timmermans Scrambler E-bike V2.0 is the latest offering from the Dutch workshop responsible for some of the coolest looking rides on the market.

Electrifying Ride

Not just a spectacular steed from a visual perspective, the Timmermans Scrambler E-bike V2.0 is capable of delivering the sort of performance that you’ll demand from your electric bike. This supremely well crafted machine from Teun Timmermans has a double crown Marzocchi downhill fork and seat suspension with an air damper which ensures a comfortable ride every time you climb about. Additionally, the motor can be tuned from 250 watt up to 750 watt depending on your own specific ride requirements.

The Timmermans Scrambler E-bike V2.0 boasts a whole host of eye-catching features that go a long way to help set it apart in the extremely competitive world of electric bikes. This includes the likes of Schwalbe 70mm tires, Gates carbondrive, TRP discbrakes, 3 speed hub, Busch & Müller Healight and a Supernova rearlight that really catches the eye and ensures that you always remain visible when riding day or night.

Available for just under £5k, this top notch electric bike from the workshop of Teun Timmermans is definitely one of the coolest looking we’ve seen in some time here at Coolector HQ and its vintage vibe is sure to resonate with those looking for an old school style aesthetic coupled with contemporary performance.

Stylish Ride

You’ll definitely be turning heads aplenty if you get your hands on the Timmermans Scrambler E-bike V2.0 because it is, without question, one of the most aesthetically appealing electric bikes you’re likely to encounter in 2018. With a stealthy, vintage styling that looks great combining with the impressive performance courtesy of the excellent craftsmanship and top notch materials, this is one electric bike that will make its mark.

The Timmermans Scrambler E-bike V2.0 looks the part, performs admirably well and whilst not cheap, offers a viable option for those who are serious about getting their hands on a high end electric bike. We’re big fans of the look of this new offering from Teun Timmermans and we can’t wait to see what other machines he’s got in store for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

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