TipTop Proper Cocktails

We’re not going lie, we’re pretty set in our craft beer ways here at Coolector HQ but we are occasionally partial to a cocktail or two but, truth be told, it is the process of making them (much harder than just liberating your beer with a bottle opener) which typically puts us off. That’s why we’ve had our heads thoroughly turned by TipTop Proper Cocktails because not only do they offer the simple simple drinking experience as a beer, they do so with some considerable aesthetic and branding aplomb.

TipTop Proper Cocktails are a series of delicious cocktails – such as a Manhattan and Old Fashioned – which come in tiny, brilliantly branded cans that will add a touch of vintage appeal to your lazy Sunday drinking endeavours. TipTop’s roots are in live music – a world where experience is everything, yet delicious cocktails are often out of reach. And they are firm believers that the good things in life should be more accessible.

Bottoms Up

TipTop Proper Cocktails enlisted the help of their favourite bartender and James Beard finalist, Miles Macquarrie (Kimball House, Watchman’s Seafood & Spirits), in order to devise classic cocktail recipes and packaged them up to drink at any time and, just about, any place. It is the packaging that really sells these to use at The Coolector but we’re in little doubt that they will taste delicious as well.

TipTop Proper Cocktails are always within reach, especially if a trusted bartender or fully-stocked bar are not and if you’re wanting to branch out on your imbibing practices in 2021 and move away from the amber nectar to something a good deal more classy, the small but perfectly formed selection of cocktails from TipTop might just be the best place to start.

Billed as offering all the classics at your convenience, it’s easy to see why booze aficionados are already having their heads turned by the great looking wares of TipTop Proper Cocktails. If you’re wanting to add a Don Draper-esque vibe to your winter drinks selection, look no further.

Cocktail Classics

With a core offering of three classic cocktails – Manhattan, Negroni and Old Fashioned – we’re sure TipTop will be adding further concoctions to their line up before too long. The Manhattan is the sophisticated extrovert of their line up. Sure, it’s spirit-forward, but mighty refreshing. The Manhattan is bold and spices things up with its peppery bite. With each sip comes a little more truth and a little more confidence to speak it.

If you love an Old Fashioned, you’ll be in your element with TipTop’s iteration which is as classic as it gets and, when done right, it’s the mark of a master mixologist. You want to taste the bourbon, followed by a hint of sweet orangey citrus and rounded out at the finish with the warming spice of bitters. Last but not least, the Negroni is bittersweet and boozy. A high wire balancing act that would only be attempted by three no-nonsense ingredients. This red-hued classic is unmistakable, even at a quick glance, and especially once you’ve had your first sip you won’t look back and be onto your next in no time.

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