Tom Clancy’s The Division

There were a few “holy shit” moments at the recent E3 Expo where Sony and Microsoft went man-o au man-o to win the battle of the next generation console war and I think, it’s safe to say, Sony emerged on top with Microsoft deciding to, inexplicably (and repeatedly) shoot themselves in their own foot with some, frankly odd, decisions about pricing and how users interact with the console – a fact that, truth be told, played right into Sony’s hands.

One of the games that impressed the most (or impressed¬†me the most, at least) was that of Tom Clancy’s The Division (of which you can see plenty of in-game footage above) which is set in a desolate near future in New York where a virus of some description has knocked Manhattan on its ass and left the likes of you (via your console controller) in charge of sorting that shit out. Graphics are, as you would expect from a next generation console, nothing short of impeccable and if this is what they’re capable of right from the get-go with the PS4 and the XBOX One, the future definitely looks bright for gamers in 2014 and beyond.


Check out more info about this awesome looking third-person romp at Ubisoft.

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