Planetary Anatomy

planet anatomy

The planets that make up our solar system are certainly an interesting bunch – with Mars (the boozer) and Jupiter (the jock) amongst the most characterful celestial bodies knocking about in the universe. One issue that few have thought about when it comes to the planets in our solar system is what they look like anatomically and, without wishing to sound lewd, I think all the evidence suggests that they look bloody great.

Whilst I’m sure that we earthlings are currently lacking in the requisite tools and, perhaps, transportation to make cutting a bunch of planets in half and, pinata-like, seeing what goodies fall out, there is certainly no harm to be had from postulating what might be in there. So, any evidence referenced herein is merely circumstantial and almost certainly would be inadmissable in court.

The brainchild of German design agency, FOREAL, these stylised little planets proffer the knowledge, seemingly, that the moon is full of silver, Mars with oil and Saturn with what appears to be Play-Doh. Great design creativity on the part of the German chaps at FOREAL and time will tell, I guess, whether their assumptions about the innards of the planets in our solar system are correct.

See there work over at their website.

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