Tone Factory Minimalist Turntable

If like most people you’re being won over by the old school cool of vinyl records in 2020, then you might just be in the market for a new turntable over the next 12 months. Well, if you’re cultivated an understated aesthetic for your interiors, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better candidate for the role than this fantastic looking Tone Factory Minimalist Turntable which has just been successfully funded over on Kickstarter.

The Tone Factory Minimalist Turntable is, as you would expect, fairly simplistic in design but a brilliant performer from an acoustic and audio perspective. This excellent bit of kit from Tone Factory flew to its funding target on Kickstarter and with good reason. It has been specifically optimised for use with Bluetooth speakers and offers the sort of contemporary performance that 21st century vinyl aficionados will appreciate and demand.

Made For Vinyl Lovers By Vinyl Lovers

It is clear to see that the team at Tone Factory are vinyl fans themselves and this is something that shines through in the design features and performance of the Tone Factory Minimalist Turntable. They wanted to deliver a turntable that was not just affordable and straightforward to use but also beautifully designed to boot. They found that many people would love to listen to vinyl, but thought they would have to buy a complete hi-fi system which is too expensive and complicated for many casual vinyl fans. Tone Factory strived to offer a simple solution for vinyl beginners and analog enthusiasts alike.

The Tone Factory Minimalist Turntable doesn’t compromise on functionality or performance as a result of its understated design and will connect to any Bluetooth speaker device so you can enjoy all your favourite vinyl records wirelessly. This striking turntable has been designed in Austria and each one is hand crafted in the Czech Republic to a high standard and using the best materials on the market.

A stand out design really elevates the Tone Factory Minimalist Turntable and the main difference from a regular turntable is the ingenious base. The circular base includes all technical parts of the device such as the motor, the integrated phono stage and the Bluetooth module. At the same time it functions as the structural foundation of the turntable. All other parts, the chassis, and the platter sit on this base. By using this design approach, Tone Factory were able to achieve the super flat look of the turntable and make it an instant classic for fans of minimalistic interior design.

Unparalleled Design

It is plain to see that a lot of thought and attention to detail has gone into the creation of the Tone Factory Minimalist Turntable. The one-piece light-weight tonearm is crafted by using a high-tech injection mould. The counterweight is integrated into the design. As thick as the tonearm but out of higher density material to make sure it has the ideal balance and tracking weight. The cartridge is the result of close cooperation with Ortofon, the Danish leader in high-end cartridges with over a century of history.

For anyone with a minimalistic interior design aesthetic and a love of vinyl records looking for a 21st century solution to their requirements, the excellent looking Tone Factory Minimalist Turntable is sure to be ticking plenty of the right boxes. This superb piece of design is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and it’s no surprise at all to see it do so well over on Kickstarter.

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