Of all the watersports available out there, kayaking has to be right up there with the best of them so far as tackling open water and rivers is concerned and in order to make the most of such endeavours, ensuring you have the right equipment is a must. In terms of choosing your steed for water, you really need look no further than this superb collaboration that goes from Topo Designs and Oru Kayak.

The Topo Designs x Oru Kayak Beach LT is billed as form meeting function in perfect harmony and for those of you that love to spend time out on the waterways, we can think of few better vessels on which to do it than this. This first rate feat of engineering and design will leave you thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the craftsmanship throughout.

Out on the Water

The beauty of the designs from Oru come from the fact they are inspired by the ancient art of origami and, somewhat miraculously, the Topo Designs x Oru Kayak Beach LT can fold down into a compact backpack-style carry in just minutes, which makes it the most portable boat out there – and ideal for those who love to find water based adventure at the drop of a hat.

Featuring the sort of aesthetic designs which Topo have become synonymous with, this eye-catching vessel will certainly see you navigating the rivers and lakes in some considerable style and it’s little wonder that excitement is already high for the impending release of the Topo Designs x Oru Kayak Beach LT.

Highly robust and durable in nature, this fantastic contraption boasts a ‘sit in style’ and 28” width – a fact that makes it a top notch, all-around kayak regardless of whether you’re going for a leisurely paddle or a skills test on the local river. The beauty of Oru Kayaks is their ability to go just about anywhere and how simplistically they can be stowed away again. The folded up package acts as an easy travel accessory and can even be used as a checked bag on your next flight.

Move Quick

Only limited quantities of the Topo Designs x Oru Kayak Beach LT will be made available so if you’ve fallen for it, as we have here at Coolector HQ, you’ll need to get a wriggle on to ensure you’re able to get your hands on one and it’s currently available for a reduced price for those watersports lovers that make a pre-order.

Topo Designs are a brand we’re big fans of here at The Coolector and their collaborations always leave us impressed and this one with Oru is certainly no exception. Delivered with a free paddle and boasting an impressive line up of features including a large, open cockpit, a pair of bulkheads for extra rigidity and easy backpack-style carry when folded up, this has got all the makings of your next must have watersports apparatus.

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