Trafford Watch Co S.O.E. Roadster Watch

Automotive inspired timepieces are very much are style here at Coolector HQ and, truth be told, we seldom find a better selection of new ones to choose from than Kickstarter. Well, the crowdfunding platform has delivered once again in the shape of this S.O.E. Roadster Watch from Trafford Watch Co. This vintage looking offering is right up our street and we’re sure that this will be a mighty popular offering amongst horology aficionados.

Available for the great price of just $250 during the Kickstarter campaign, the S.O.E. Roadster Watch from Trafford Watch Co is excellent value for money when you factor in its attractive design and high quality components. These majestic looking timepieces are the brainchild of Nathan Trafford, a British designer based out of Austin, Texas. He has a different approach to watch design that places storytelling front and centre. Each timepiece that Trafford Watch Co starts with a little-known true story from history, pulling design inspiration from the elements found between the lines and for the S.O.E, the story is of William Grover-Williams, Robert Benoist and Jean-Pierre Wimille – a secret group of spies who helped tackle Nazi Germany.

Take Your Pick

This flagship collection of timepieces from Trafford Watch Co consists of three different iterations – one for each of the aforementioned secret spies during WWII who were all also notable race car drivers. One of the biggest design inspirations for this cracking collection of watches is the Bugatti Type 35 Race Car which was one of the most successful race cars of all time. A technical masterpiece, the Bugatti Type 35 is the visual catalyst for this uber-cool collection of timepieces from Trafford Watch Co.

The Trafford Watch Co S.O.E. Roadster Watches (from $250) have unique wire lugs which effortlessly blend beauty with utility and were chosen to reflect the exposed mechanics and pipes of the Bugatti Type 35 Race Car. This classy looking, automotive-inspired timepiece boasts a 24 hour dial with raised indices marking the hours. There is a distinctive race car vibe to the dial courtesy of the large “24” which is designed to look like the number on a race car.

There are three different colourways to choose from, each based upon the colours of the race cars that Grover-Williams, Benoist and Wimille drove. The case back of these watches which, of course, will be hidden when worn is designed to reflect the secret spy part of the men’s lives and emblazoned on the case back is a Winston Churchill quote and some custom S.O.E artwork which delivers a powerful visual impact.

History Inspired Timepieces

We’re loving the backstory behind the S.O.E watches from Trafford Watch Co and for any man seeking an affordably, classy looking timepiece for their wrist in 2021, these are sure to be ticking all the right boxes. These watches boast a VK64 Mecaquartz movement which delivers a robust and reliable performance day in, day out and the rally style straps in genuine leather add a real touch of class to proceedings.

At a thoroughly reasonable $250, these exemplary timepieces from Trafford Watch Co fall into the “no-brainer” category for us here at The Coolector. Stylish, well-made with high quality components and a mighty interesting backstory to boot – what’s not to like? Want to get your hands on on of these effortlessly classy timepieces for a bargain price? Head on over to Kickstarter now.

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