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Lamentably, we perhaps don’t use actual stationery as much as we once did or now should here at Coolector HQ but this unfortunate happen stance may merely be as a result of not having the right storage solutions for our desk detritus such as pens, pencils, paper clips and other bits and pieces that one would typically use during their day to day doodlings and ramblings. Well, this is a situation which may soon be coming to an end courtesy of a fantastic looking project that goes by the name of Tripleliving Stationery which is a series stationery receptacles which have been crafted from soft concrete and resemble a miniature city when put together.

Tripleliving are a Taiwan based design company who craft their wares from celement which is a soft concrete product that is malleable and can be shaped easily and they combine this material with wood for a striking and functional finished product. Their brilliant looking series of Tripleliving Stationery items is visually pleasing and will definitely appeal to anyone looking to organise their workspace with a touch of aesthetic flair.

The collection of works consists of the likes of pen-holders, pencil sharpeners and other small storage solutions that not only look great but showcase a considerable talent for design which has thoroughly caught our eye at Coolector HQ. Check out some more shots of this superb looking collection of stationery holders below:







If you’re the creative type who works in a design industry, for example, and still have requirement for the more rudimentary writing tools, then some of this first class Tripleliving Stationery items will do the trick admirably.

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