Death At Sea Bicycle Cup Holder

Drinking whilst driving is, obviously, not an endeavour to be undertaken but when cycling, these rules are relaxed a little and that’s why you should ensure you’ve got a pretty sweet cup holder suitably adhered to your two-wheeled steed and, safe to say, we’ve not seen many more undeniably awesome than this Death At Sea Bicycle Cup Holder which is both superbly crafted and looks pretty bad ass to boot.

Death At Sea are a Brooklyn based purveyor of general awesomeness and this Bicycle Cup Holder is the latest addition to their ever growing collection of fantastic wares. The supremely dapper Bicycle Cup Holder is definitely one of the pick of the bunch and it boasts a high level of versatility which means that you don’t just have to use it for holding drinks whilst cycling, it will be equally as adept at holding sunglasses, water bottles and other bits and pieces which you see fit to take on any journey.

The makers of this fine looking accessory champion its cause for carry the likes of iced coffee but we here at Coolector HQ are much more of the mind that it would look mightily fine rocking a craft ale in there and when the weather facilitates heading out on the bike again, we hope to have one of these smashing Death At Sea Bicycle Cup Holders attached to our ride. Check out a few more shots below:




We’re firm fans of brands that dedicate themselves to making a small range of goods well as opposed to loads averagely and that’s a compliment that can undoubtedly be applied to Brooklyn based Death At Sea. Their first rate Bicycle Cup Holder is crafted from die cut black silicone rubber which is straightforward to keep clean and will boast the toughness and resilience that is required for everyday use on bicycle journeys. A top notch product that ticks all of our aesthetic and craftsmanship boxes here at Coolector HQ.

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