TRIWA x Humanium Metal Watches

Swedish watchmakers, TRIWA, are a brand that are forever on our radar here at Coolector HQ courtesy of the always excellent timepieces that they produce and our heads have been well and truly turned by their latest offering – namely, these spectacular looking and wonderfully unique TRIWA x Humanium Metal Watches which are funding on Kickstarter now and have a mighty interesting USP.

The TRIWA x Humanium Metal Watches are a brand new line of timepieces from the Swedish watchmakers which have been crafted from destroyed, illegal firearms with the overriding objective of making the world a more peaceful place. These striking and engaging timepieces from Triwa are made from Humanium Metal, which is a material that stems from destructed illegal firearms. The aim of using this metal in their watches is to showcase the strong symbolic value of this material and help contribute to rebuilding conflict torn parts of the world.

Transforming the Industry

Triwa are a watchmaker on the cutting edge of the industry and that’s something that they have showcased once again with the superb looking Humanium Metal Watches which are funding on Kickstarter now. These new timepieces aim to take this transformation to the next level by delivering a series of timepieces from the metal of destructed illegal firearms that not only look great but also have a compelling message. With your help, Triwa will make a contribution in the fight against armed violence across the world.

The TRIWA x Humanium Watches on Kickstarter have been made in conjunction with non-profit organization IM Swedish Development Partner, a company which retrieves and melts down illegal firearms from conflict torn societies around the world, and turns them into Humanium Metal. TRIWA will then purchase this metal, refine and mold it into watch cases that are then crafted into the superb looking TRIWA x Humanium Metal Watches you see before you and are funding on Kickstarter right now.

With such an unusual and worthwhile material used in the crafting of these timepieces from TRIWA, it is important that they don’t disappoint from a performance perspective and we’re pleased to report that they have plenty of striking features that compliment the use of Humanium metal. These fantastic looking watches have moulded the Humanium metal into a solitaire piece with contrasting metal treatments. Filled with symbolic references, such as the Humanium Metal logo that is punched on the case, the embossed indexes on the dial and the fiery red second hand, date display and crown centre, there really is an unparalleled visual impact to these timepieces.

Plenty of Choice

You’ll be treated to a range of options when it comes to picking your TRIWA x Humanium Watch on Kickstarter with two sizes to choose from – a 39 or 34 millimeters – with either a vertically brushed dark grey dial or light steel dial depending on your own style preferences. Each timepiece boasts scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass, a recycled canvas strap (with a Swedish leather alternative also included) and a 10ATM water resistance.

With prices starting at around £170 during this Kickstarter campaign, these TRIWA x Humanium don’t break the bank and also have the added benefit of their humanitarian causes and materials. We love TRIWA timepieces at the best of times here at Coolector HQ but these new timepieces takes that admiration to a whole new level. If you fancy a watch that doesn’t just look amazing but also boasts a wonderful underlying objective, then this is the Kickstarter campaign for you.

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