Juan Carlos Paz New Monsters

We love contemporary artwork and illustration here at Coolector HQ and we’re always on the hunt for new, talented designers to enjoy and Behance always serves as a hotbed for this type of individual. And so it has proven once again after we discovered Juan Carlos Paz and his mesmerising series of illustrations called New Monsters on the design platform. If you like your artwork bonkers, as we do, there will be plenty to appeal within this magical collection of artwork.

Juan Carlos Paz operates out of Madrid in Spain and has a real eye for unusual illustrations which he showcases wonderfully well in this stunning New Monsters collection of artwork. Boasting a fantastic attention to detail, this hilarious illustrations are definitely right up our street here at The Coolector and for anyone else out there with a love of madcap artwork is going to be similarly enamoured.

Humorous Designs

There is a really playful visual impact to these New Monsters from Juan Carlos Paz and there is a real Flanimals type vibe to these creations that is something that we’re big fans of. The comically designed monsters in this cracking collection of illustrations are as hilarious as they are well crafted, conceived and delivered and it always blows our mind that there are illustrators out there with such amazing imaginations as that which Juan Carlos Paz clearly possesses.

Each of these eye-catching New Monsters from Juan Carlos Paz have been supplanted into familiar looking landscape terrains and this adds a jarring sense of realism to the illustrations offset by just how bonkers the illustrator’s creations are. These include desert terrains, forests, mountains and lakes to name but a few and there is often some sort of UFO vibe thrown into the mix as well which adds yet another awesome aesthetic element to proceedings.

We love finding new illustrators like Juan Carlos Paz here at Coolector HQ and looking through his Behance portfolio showcases just how prolific an artist he is with some many amazing projects to be enjoyed and appreciated therein. The vibrant creations he is responsible for with New Monsters positively jump off the page and their playful design and familiar looking settings creates the ultimate in B-movie style artwork with a contemporary twist.

Monstrously Entertaining

Everything about these brilliant New Monsters illustrations from Juan Carlos Paz appeals to our art-loving sensibilities here at The Coolector and this is exactly the sort of work that we so often find ourselves gravitating towards. Great to look at, exceptionally well delivered and boasting a playful aesthetic, there really is nothing not to like.

We’re mighty glad to have discovered the illustrative talents of Juan Carlos Paz and can’t wait to see what else he has got in store over the next few months which, given the rate at which he creates amazing artwork, will be an awful lot and, safe to say, we’ll now be first in line to appreciate it here at The Coolector.

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