Tuft + Paw Milo Cat Tower

In our experience here at Coolector HQ, cats offer hours of endless entertainment just off their own back but if you give them something to climb and be generally disruptive with, this is increased exponentially. Well, say hello to the Milo Cat Tower from Tuft + Paw which will likely become your feline friend’s new best friend (or arch nemesis) and provide you with plenty of photo opportunities of your cat (not that you’ll need any excuse if you’re like us).

The Tuft + Paw Milo Cat Tower is a striking piece of cat furniture which is quite a sizeable piece (albeit a modular one) so you’ll need a big place in order to properly accommodate it but your cat’s will certainly thank you for it – in they own aloof way most likely. This top notch piece of design from Tuft + Paw has been carefully considered in order to give your cat as much stimulation (read: sleeping space) as possible and we’re loving its classy aesthetics which will ensure it doesn’t have too detrimental an impact on your interior design endeavours.

Quality Design For Cats

If you pander to your cat as much as we do at The Coolector then pieces like this Milo Cat Tower from Tuft + Paw is definitely going to be right up your street and will give your cat a luxurious place to reside and look derisively down at you from. The Milo Cat Tower is whimsically designed and has a striking aesthetic that looks great in its own right but will immediately capture the attention of your horde of felines who will climbing up it and scratching it to pieces in no time.

The Tuft + Paw Milo Cat Tower is a large jungle gym which will provide cats with countless opportunities for play and discovery which will, in turn, help to maintain their physical and mental health. It is ideally suited for multi-cat households, with the intricate and elaborate structure boasting two covered treehouses, two perches, and two slide-like scratching posts which have been upholstered in a robust carpet fibre that will help repel your cat’s inevitable clawing antics.

Crafted from natural birch plywood, the Milo Cat Tower from Tuft + Paw is built to last, and has animal-friendly curved corners for increased safety and the clumsier cats out there. Each one is incredibly easy to put together and made from high quality, durable, and robust materials which ensure that it is suitable for felines both dainty and rotund. A stylish piece of design that is great for keeping your cats entertained (or awake at least) and will also look fantastic in any contemporary home.

Feline Entertainment

We love cats here at The Coolector so anything that makes their life more enriching is OK in our book and this Milo Cat Tree from Tuft + Paw certainly looks to be one of the finest pieces of cat furniture we’ve encountered here and though it’s not cheap (costing around $950), you can’t really put a price on keeping your cats happy, stimulated and engaged. Great materials combined with excellent craftsmanship and a simple to put together design really will make it appeal to all cat lovers out there.

The Tuft + Paw Milo Cat Tree is just one of many pieces of cat furniture that they have to offer and you’ll probably end up with many different pieces if you’re a sucker for cat treats like us here at Coolector HQ. A superb piece of stimulating cat furniture which will give your feline friend(s) hours of fun.

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