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Scandinavia isn’t perhaps the first region that immediately springs to mind when one thinks of watchmaking excellence but this is a mindset that is increasingly beginning to shift due to the quality of timepieces that continue to emerge from the area. Sweden, in particular, is home to some extraordinary, mid-level watchmakers and we’ve just discovered another in the form of the painfully cool and devilishly dapper, Tusenö Watches.



Tusenö Watches operate out of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast and their name stems from the words  ”tusen öar” which is Swedish for ‘thousand islands’. We’re always suckers for minimalist style watches here at Coolector HQ that see the value in an understated dial that doesn’t need to be showy to be stylish and these impeccable watches from Tusenö are the sort of timepiece that you could imagine Don Draper wearing such is their effortless cool and aesthetic superiority.

Visual Excellence, Affordable Price

The first thing to say about Tusenö Watches is that, despite just how excellent they look, is how affordable they are, with their maiden collection of watches, called First 42, all coming in under £350. When you consider just how visually striking they are and the quality materials that have been used in their construction, their low price point is nothing short of miraculous.



For any man after an affordable wristwatch that excels in the looks department and is made of first rate materials, it’s fair to say that Tusenö are a brand that should well and truly be on your horology radar. It’s reassuring yo find watchmakers who are dedicated to making their timepieces in the right way but still offer them for an affordable price and the ability to pick up any of the four watches currently available from Tusenö for less than £350 is something that should be celebrated. Great watch, bank manager pleasing price.

Material Matters

The aesthetics of the watches from Tusenö have been inspired from years of living on the spectacular west coast of Sweden and the idyllic landscapes of this region have been captured in the aesthetics of their debut collection, First 42. Available in a number of different styles, including our favourite here at Coolector HQ, the rose gold, these magnificent looking watches use first rate materials in their making which once again belies their sub £500 price tag.


Just a selection of the more stand out features to be found with this top class watches from Tusenö include a Japanese Seiko VK64 hybrid, a so-called Mecha-Quartz movement, which gives their watches the feel of a much more expensive mechanical timepiece. In addition to this, each one of the watches that you purchase from Tusenö comes with an additional strap different from the original which provides a whole new visual impact and, in a lot of ways, is giving you two watches for the price of one.


Sweden is rapidly becoming a hotbed of fantastic watchmakers and whilst Tusenö were new to us here at Coolector HQ, it is clear to see that they are a watchmaker that are definitely going about things in the right way and we can’t wait to see them build on their debut First 42 collection of timepieces.

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