Twelve South AirSnap Case

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to have witnessed the popularity of AirPods recently and this gives accessories brands like Twelve South the opportunity to produce excellent wares that cater to this popularity. Enter the AirSnap from Twelve South which is the perfect accessory for porting your AirPods around in style and it is available in a number of different colours to suit your own style persuasions.

For when you want to slip your AirPods Charging Case into AirSnap to keep your pricey ear buds safe and sound but still easily accessible, this will be the ideal solution and with a reasonable price tag of just $29.99, it is sure to be a popular release from the first class accessories brand. The Twelve South AirSnap Case will hook the built-in swivel clip to your backpack or bag and you’ll never have to search for where you left your AirPods again.

Versatile Design and Excellent Functionality

Incredibly versatile, this great accessory lets you get on top of things when your battery is low, so you can charge your AirPods via Lightning, or simply place AirSnap on your wireless charger – without having to remove the case. Made from full-grain leather, these superb looking cases from Twelve South are designed to protect your AirPods whilst on the go and, given how expensive they are, this is something that most people will definitely get on board with.

The Twelve South AirSnap Case ($29.99) has an incorporated clip which is there to keep your AirPods attached to your bag or backpack and you can effortlessly check the status of your AirPods and Charging Case at a glance. Boasting a bottom cut-out for convenient wired charging, or charge wirelessly in-case, the AirSnap Case from Twelve South has got convenience infused into its design, which is something we’ve witnessed with all the excellent Apple orientated products from the brand.

AirSnap is made with high quality leather that protects both your AirPods and Charging Case from getting stolen, scratched and dirty while floating around your desk, computer bag or backpack. They are crafted from the same leather as Twelve South’s Relaxed Leather iPhone case, and the AirSnap Case has a metal snap to keep the case closed, adding another layer of protection to the delicate AirPods charger.

Carry in Style

AirPods have become an essential part of the EDC line up for most technology enthusiasts but, given their diminutive stature, can be difficult to transport without losing them so a case like the AirSnap from Twelve South is a must. Excellent materials and an attention to detail in the design makes sure that this will be a welcome addition to your tech line up and will add to the aesthetic appeal of your everyday carry selection.

Priced at just $29.99, it’s a bit of a no-brainer to add this cracking case to your line up and the Twelve South AirSnap Case is available in a number of different styles and colours to make sure that it effortlessly fits in with your other accessories and its devilishly dapper aesthetic is right up our street here at Coolector HQ.

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