Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Watch

When you think of revolutionary watches and watchmakers, those that dare to be different and are more shepherd than sheep, Ulysse Nardin are a brand that immediately springs to mind and it’s because of exemplary, and extraordinary, timepieces like this Freak Vision Watch that they have garnered this reputation amongst the horology community. Innovative, eye-catching in the extreme and as luxurious as it gets, the Freak Vision is one mighty impressive watch and we’re loving its bold visual impact here at Coolector HQ.

The Freak Vision Watch from Ulysse Nardin is definitely a timepiece that is prepared to break the watchmaking mould and you’ll not have encountered a timepiece quite like this one before. We’ve seen plenty of concept watches in our time here at The Coolector but the Freak Vision is one that dares to turn the daring aesthetics and mechanics of a concept watch into reality and, as you can see, it does it with some considerable aplomb.

A Vision of Beauty

It is the technical innovations in design which really make a statement with the Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Watch and one of the main innovations with this timepiece is a grinder automatic winding system which entirely revolutionises energy transmission, and far surpasses existing systems for efficiency by a factor of two. What this means in practice is that it’s like having four pedals on a bike instead of two. This impressive innovation is joined by the Ulysse Nardin anchor escapement which is based on the principle of flexible mechanisms, and exploits the elasticity of flat springs. 

One of the most stunning luxury watches on the market right now, the Freak Vision from Ulysse Nardin has a distinct nautical vibe to its visuals and this is exemplified with the new 3D carved upper bridge which takes its design inspiration from a boat’s hull. The new box-domed sapphire also allows for a much thinner middle and bezel for a sleek aesthetic on the wrist. Last but not least, the entire case itself is brand new – including horns, bezel, the rubber on the side – which all joins together to deliver a look that is much more open and generous.

The Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Watch has an exceptional movement in the shape of the in-house Calibre UN-250 and large diameter silicium oscillator with nickel inertia-blocks. Other stand out features of this breathtaking timepiece include self-regulating silicium micro-blades, silicium finishing gear train, a 50 hours power reserve at constant amplitude and a flying Carrousel (baguette movement): 1 turn in 1 hour.

Luxurious & Unique

With a price tag of CHF 95,000, the Ulysee Nardin Freak Vision is the ultimate status symbol for any luxury watch aficionado and this price tag is justified by the design flourishes witnessed throughout its construction. These include a bezel in titanium coated blue rubber lining with 3 titanium riders, a 30m water resistance, a rubber-like leather strap with a titanium folding clasp and sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

For any man seeking the ultimate in luxury watches, the Freak Vision from Ulysse Nardin is going to sate that appetite. Exceptionally well crafted and overflowing with mesmerising detail, this is a one in a million timepiece and one that sets this magnificent watchmaker apart from the competition in what is the incredibly competitive world of high end, luxury watches. A truly stunning new entry to Ulysse Nardin’s ever growing line up of timepieces.

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