Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronograph Watches

A watchmaker as old as time, Ulysse Nardin truly are a name that you can trust when it comes to crafting impeccable, stylish and aesthetically superior timepieces and few places is this more evident than their extraordinary Marine Chronograph Watches. The perfect wristwatch for any man with a love of the open seas.

Approaching two centuries of watchmaking experience, it is little wonder that Ulysse Nardin are held in such high regard in horology circles and it is the fact that they can so consistently produce exemplary wares for so many years that they are able to maintain this level of respect. The Marine Chronograph collection of watches from this renowned Swiss watchmaker is amongst the finest we’ve encountered and we’re not surprised to see them being received so well.

Set Sail for Perfection

The most recent entry to their Marine series of timepieces goes by the name of the Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar Watch and, much like the sailing instruments it takes an inspiration from, boasts incredible precision and craftsmanship. The Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar Watch from Ulysse Nardin is the sort of timepiece that, quite frankly, stops you in your tracks when you see it and for any luxury watch aficionado, it would unquestionably form one of the defining pieces of their collection.



There are so many features which truly set Ulysse Nardin’s Marine Collection of watches apart from the competition but perhaps most impressive of all is the unique technology that has been deployed in their construction. The master watchmakers have managed to develop a system which contains around only a dozen elements. In a continuation of the simple calendar developed for the UN-118 caliber, the one in the Annual Calendar Chronograph timepiece needed just three additional wheels. A most impressive feat indeed.


As we’ve come to expect from all watches from Ulysse Nardin, the quality of the materials used is unparalleled and the dedication to making the perfect timepiece plain to see. The Annual Calendar Watch from their Marine Collection is overloaded with stunning features which will make it appeal and just some that stood out to us here at Coolector HQ are the ribbed bezel, a screw-crown which delivers perfect water-resistance (something important for a nautical inspired timepiece), a full lug width which delivers excellent stability on the wrist and a striking 43 mm diameter case for that extra level of readability.

Sea Breeze

This first class collection of watches celebrates Ulysse Nardin’s rich tradition and heritage and their age old ties to the sea. Superbly combining a highly technical performance with an incredible design accomplishment, these magnificent watches have resonated with us here at The Coolector and for anyone who is seeking a top of the range luxury timepiece, filled with stunning features and materials, you really don’t need to look any further than this.


Ulysse Nardin are a purveyor of fine wristwatches across their entire range but if you’ve got a real soft spot for nautically inspired timepieces, their impeccable Marine Chronograph series will be the one for you. Sumptuously well-crafted, luxurious as they come with the understated, yet bold, aesthetic that we’ve come to rely on from one of the world’s most respected and skilled watchmakers.

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