Under Lucky Stars Prints

If you’ve been waiting for the stars to align in decorating your home with some eye-catching prints and have some special dates that you’re wanting to commemorate, you’ll be in your element with these superb looking Under Lucky Stars Prints which are beautifully designed star maps that showcase the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. This can be a birthday, engagement, when you first met, or any time and place that means something to you.

Under Lucky Stars are a studio that make personal star charts of the constellations found in the sky at any past or future moment chosen by their customers. Founded in 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, Under Lucky Stars is a small and friendly company who strive to offer their customers the very best in memorable prints. They’re firm believers that a personal and sentimental product like this should come with the friendliest customer service possible and you’ll love the quality of their finished products.

Stars In Your Eyes

Most of Under Lucky Stars’ prints are given as a gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day so if you’ve got one coming up, you know what you need to do. They are often used as wedding guest books as well and we’re loving them at Coolector HQ because they function as a beautiful and sentimental memento, just like a family portrait or wedding photo but a touch more understated.

In an age when people decorate their homes with mass-produced, impersonal products like IKEA furniture and home decor, it’s nice to add something that is a good deal more personal and meaningful to your living space like these eye-catching and impactful Under Lucky Stars Prints. In order to create these maps, they use the star catalog of Yale University which contains information about nearly ten thousand stars to create each map uniquely.

These Under Lucky Stars maps are currently available in three sizes: 12×16 inches (30 x 40 cm), 18 x 24 inches (45 x 60 cm), and 24 x 36 inches (60 x 90 cm). Each one is printed on high quality 200+ GSM sheets of smooth art paper which has a tangible sense of quality to the touch. Customers can add title and footnote and pick from 16 different designs to make each print even more unique to them. Frames (both the colour and mounting) can be customised or omitted altogether. Need something special for an upcoming celebration? Look no further than Under Lucky Stars.

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