United By Blue Bison Down Socks

A sturdy pair of socks should be a mainstay of any man’s wardrobe but finding the right pair is something that is invariably easier said than done but fear not because we think we’ve just stumbled across them here at Coolector HQ and the garment in question is these brilliantly crafted Bison Down Socks from United By Blue.

Having recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Bison Down Socks are now ready and available for purchase so you don’t have to wait around and can get your hands on a pair straight away. United By Blue are a Philadelphia based purveyor of all manner of awesome outdoor goods and accessories who have a distinct affinity for oceans and waterways and this is something that positively shines through in their selection of wares.

Billed as the ‘ultimate American sock’, these brilliant feet warmers from United By Blue are 100% made in the USA and crafted from natural fibres that are found in the Rocky Mountains – namely, Merino wool and Bison down. The level of comfort supplied by these cracking socks is unparalleled and we’re massive fans of the outdoors centric nature of the design and branding here at Coolector HQ. Check out a few more shots of these spiffing socks below:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″]http://vimeo.com/114674430[/vimeo]






If you’re after a resilient pair of socks that offer borderline ridiculous levels of comfort then the Bison Down socks are the ideal candidate for the job and as the months are still bitterly cold at present, there is no better time to get your hands (and feet) on a pair. We had hitherto not come across United By Blue here at The Coolector but you can rest assured we will be keeping up with any future offerings from this awesome Philadelphia based outdoors brand.

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