Wall Ride Shelf

We accumulate a lot of clutter here at Coolector HQ much to our collective dissatisfaction and, for this reason, one of the things that we are regularly on the lookout for is storage solutions and we’ve come across an absolute belter in the form of this Wall Ride Shelf from design studio, Zanocchi & Starke, and for those of a skateboarding persuasion, it will likely have an unparalleled appeal.

Zanocchi & Starke are a design studio based out of Turin and are formed by a Brazilian and Italian duo with a penchant for creating stylish, functional wares that will appeal to the minimalist minded and their Wall Ride Shelf is unquestionably the one that caught our eye here at The Coolector. The Wall Ride is definitely designed with those with an awesome skateboard in mind but it is equally as suitable as merely an eye-catching shelving unit that provides plenty of storage opportunity for the becluttered. Take a look at a few more shots of this cracking construct below:








It is clear to see that the crowning glory of the Wall Ride Shelf is the fact it can liberate your beers but it has plenty of other characteristics besides this that will make it appeal to those homeowners after some stylish storage for their walls. The Wall Ride Shelf consists of three hooks and two shelves which allow you to hang myriad objects from it depending on their dimensions and we’re massive fans of its innovative design features here at Coolector HQ.

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