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For those of us who work in the office environment, it’s fair to say that we will have likely settled into a fairly sedentary lifestyle where we spend vast swathes of the day spent slumped at our desks which, quite frankly, isn’t really conducive to productivity or creativity.

The saying “think on feet” has never been more apt than with this excellent looking piece of design that goes by the name of the Upstanding Desk, which aims to get people out of their comfort zone i.e. their office chair and up on their feet for a much more fluid and dynamic work space.

The Upstanding Desk is the work of New York design students, Mikey Chen and Sam Carmichael, and we here at The Coolector have been on the lookout for a new workspace to work from and the Upstanding Desk has well and truly thrown its hat into the ring as a contender for said workspace. Check out the images below for some more details about this project which has already smashed its Kickstarter funding target:




The Upstanding Desk lets your turn any office desk into a stand up workstation with its fully adjustable frame which you can alter to your own height requirements. Crafted from premium plywood, The Upstanding Desk looks great and is lightweight to boot so can be ported around when required and we’re certainly impressed with the versatility of the design here at Coolector HQ.

It’s well known that sitting at a desk for hours on end will likely be detrimental to your health and posture but getting up on your feet can make the world of difference and for those who want to ramp up their productivity and creativity, The Upstanding Desk may just be the way to do it.

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