UX4 DIY Furniture Kit

Sometimes it’s the simplest designs that are the best and that’s something which is certainly applicable in the case of the UX4 DIY Furniture Kit which is currently funding over on Kickstarter. An excellent design project that will add a new dimension to your interior design efforts, this superb little furniture accessory is decidedly simple but all the better for it.

The UX4 DIY Furniture Kit is the perfect solution for those homeowners who want to make their own furniture but don’t know where to begin because it lets you turn standard 2x4s into custom furniture with endless variations through the innovative design of the kit. Allowing you to choose the height, style colour and various other elements of the furniture that you create using the UX4 DIY Furniture Kit, it’s ideal for those who want some freedom with their furniture choices and design processes.

Extremely versatile in design and a robust and durable piece of apparatus, the UX4 DIY Furniture Kit will really help bring your interior to life and give you a sense of accomplishment through the creation of your very own pieces of furniture. Check out a few more shots below:







Clever design coupled with unparalleled versatility makes the UX4 DIY Furniture Kit an essential purchase for any homeowner keen on creating their own design projects in 2016 and it’s little surprise to us here at Coolector HQ that it’s doing so well over on Kickstarter – with plenty of time to show your own support and grab a kit for a bargain price yourself.

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