The Cone by Wiski

As rather avid, bordering on obsessive, cat fans here at Coolector HQ, it goes without saying that we’re always on the hunt for awesomeness that will make our resident feline happy and that’s certainly something that can be applied to this excellent looking The Cone by Wiski, which is funding over on Kickstarter right now, and looks to be exactly the sort of wares that cats might just forgo their aloofness to enjoy.

Brooklyn based design studio, Wiski, clearly have a penchant for cats too and this led them to create and craft this clever little accessory that is sure to lighten up the life of your favourite cat. The Cone by Wiski is, in essence, a new modern scratching post and napping space that you’ll love just as much as your cat does because it actually adds to the aesthetic appeal of a room rather than being the eyesore that most cat toys are.

Terrific Design

Whilst most cat toys are made specifically with just the cat in mind and, for want of a better word, are typically pretty ugly aesthetically, it’s about time that someone came along that made an accessory that cats will love and which doesn’t detract from your own interior design efforts. That’s exactly what we’ve got on our hands with The Cone by Wiski and it is billed as the world’s most thoughtfully designed and eye-catching scratching post and nap space for your cat.

It is designed to last a lifetime due to the robust materials used in its crafted and The Cone by Wiski is the ideal complement to any contemporary living space. No longer do your cat toys and bed have to be an affront to your design endeavours because such is the minimalist, sleek design of The Cone that it looks like a first rate piece of furniture in its own right rather than something that your cat will attack and pass out in.

The Cone by Wiski is also a welcome addition to the home because it will give your cat a dedicated place to scratch which will hopefully supply some respite to your furniture. The structure itself is both tall and sturdy and it won’t tip over or wobble when your cat is scratching it. Wiski made The Cone over 30 inches in height to ensure cats can fully stretch out when they scratch, and The Cone weighs in at over 15 lbs, so it’s extremely stable.

Natural Materials

The materials used in the construction of The Cone by Wiski also sets it apart from conventional cat toys and accessories and it is crafted from 100% natural plant fibres, in this case sisal, which is both durable and strong, but will shred under the consistent scratching from your cat. Cats will typically prefer sisal to upholstery so The Cone should prove a suitable distraction and help ensure your sofa remains intact.

As you can see, it isn’t just a means for your cat to give their claws an outing, The Cone also delivers a comfortable sleeping nook for your cat once they’ve worn themselves out from all that scratching. As big advocates, and lovers of, minimalist design here at Coolector HQ, The Cone by Wiski really resonated with us and as we’ve got a resident cat of our own, we’d definitely look to get our hands on something as well crafted and designed as this. If you’ve like what you’ve seen and want to get your cat what may well become the best looking piece of furniture in your home, head over to Kickstarter now.

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