Valley of the Moon Retreat

California is a part of the world which we’re pretty besotted with here at Coolector HQ and, needless to say, there are some mighty majestic looking pieces of architecture to be found in the state – not least this stunning Valley of the Moon Retreat from Butler Armsden Architects. Immeasurably stylish and boasting some striking design features to say the least, the Valley of the Moon Retreat is definitely one of the most eye-catching pieces of design we’ve seen in some time here at The Coolector.

Valley of the Moon Retreat from Butler Armsden Architects is an expansive space with all manner of luxurious additions both internally and externally and one of the most carefully considered approaches to interior design imaginable. This spectacular piece of design has certainly caught our eye at The Coolector and it is nestled on a wooded stretch overlooking the Valley of the Moon, which makes this family retreat at once warm and embracing, whilst also being wonderfully light and spacious.

Minimalist Aesthetic

As you approach the large, sloped site with a uncompromising design aesthetic, Butler Armsden have placed this Sonoma home on a poured-concrete platform, which is capable of delivering expansive views that will only truly reveal themselves after visitors have passed through to the courtyard of the house and to the rear of the property. It boasts an elongated pool which has been tucked into the concrete mass of the platform and ensures that it is possible to swim just below the height of the surrounding tree canopies which, we’re sure you’ll agree, is a pretty compelling design feature.

The Valley of the Moon Retreat is an engaging property everywhere you look and the architects designed the house with a very impressive attention to detail and the overall composition. There are three connected volumes of varying heights which carefully wrap around the centre of the podium and the spaces inside them are precisely scaled: insomuch as they are small enough for introspection, yet big enough for taking in the breathtaking views which surround the property.

With brilliantly implemented windows throughout the property, the interiors are bathed in light and will always serve as a relaxing and welcoming place in which to spend time. This stunning piece of architectural design boasts large picture windows which frame the forest setting beyond and highlight the home’s light and airy feel by helping to capture the cool valley breeze. The minimalist cantilevered bunk beds of the property redefine the traditional bunk room, and are geared towards the summer months.

Californian Cool

We featured a lot of stunning properties on the pages of The Coolector in the past and the Valley of the Moon Retreat is one of our favourites to date. Exceptional attention to detail in the design and some of the most spectacular views imaginable combine to make this a real winner in the visual department and there can be few other properties out there with such a luxurious feel as this one from Butler Armsden Architects.

For lovers of minimalistic interiors that make a maximum visual impact, the Valley of the Moon Retreat is going to tick all of the right boxes. This exemplary piece of design from Butler Armsden  has a real visionary finish everywhere you lay your eyes and we can’t wait to see what this first class studio has in store for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

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