Mitchell Spain Ceramics

It’s fair to say that we will typically gravitate towards the more unusual forms of artwork here at Coolector HQ and love to fill spaces with eye-catching and often bonkers pieces and that’s why we’ve had our heads turned by the brilliant ceramic work of Mitchell Spain. Made to look like vintage bottles and other vessels, these wonderfully conceived and crafted pieces have captured our imagination and we’re loving the retro vibe that they give off.

Mitchell Spain Ceramics are exactly the sort of striking and unusual pieces that we love at The Coolector and this talented sculptor has definitely carved out a niche for himself with this cracking creations. Billed as where fine art meets an obsession with technicality, these one of a kind sculptural works have a great visual impact and will provide a talking point wherever you choose to display them.

Exquisite Artwork

The mesmerising artwork of Mitchell Spain was inspired from his childhood where he would spend time rummaging through “junk” that had been left in old barns. These rusty objects became synonymous with older, slower times – a time before technology took hold and fast paced living became the norm. Spain became fascinated by his barn finds and his emotional connection to them meant he could draw inspiration in his functional and sculptural work through using a so-called trompe l’oeil technique to mask clay in a rustic facade thereby “recycling” and “reusing” those found objects.

Immensely impressive in every regard, the Mitchell Spain Ceramics are available in a few different forms – namely, threaded flasks, cups and mugs, and cone top bottles – and each type has its own visual flair and excellent finish. There is such a vintage aesthetic to these creations and they look so authentically old that you’ll have a hard time using them to drink from without getting some odd stares but there is definitely something about these ceramics that appeal to our sensibilities at The Coolector.

With so many bold, retro looking designs to choose from with Mitchell Spain’s ceramics, it’s difficult to know where to begin and there is no shortage of options regardless of which type of receptacle you’re looking for. Despite looking ostensibly old, these ceramics are perfectly usable to drink from (barring the aforementioned stares you’re likely to get when imbibing from a flask that says “Mayfair Household Oil” on it).

Statement Pieces

Pleasingly, the ceramics from Mitchell Spain aren’t outrageously expensive with most retailing for under £100 which means you’ll be able to add a few to your collection and gradually increase them over time if you really want to build it up. There is a spectacular attention to detail that has gone into each piece and we’re mighty impressed with just how old and weathered the artist has managed to make them.

For anyone on the hunt for some new, affordable works of art, these brilliant looking ceramics from Mitchell Spain would certainly be one of our top picks here at Coolector HQ. Great to look at, genuinely interesting and with the sort of vintage vibe that sets them apart – what’s not to like?

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