Vanacci Carbon Exo Wallet

Of all the accessories and EDC that us men own, our wallets are likely to be the one that gets the most use on a daily basis so they will need to be made of tough stuff to withstand the rigours of day to day usage. Well, if it’s a robust and resilient wallet that you’re after (and one that doesn’t deliver this at the expense of style) the Vanacci Carbon Exo Wallet, which is funding on Kickstarter right now, might just be the one for you.

The Vanacci Carbon Exo Wallet really is one of the most striking and functional accessories you’re likely to encounter and it’s already proving mighty popular over on Kickstarter which is testament to the fact that men crave a wallet of this style and versatility. This great looking piece of EDC from UK brand Vanacci is capable of carrying everything you need – be it cards, cash, coins or keys – and it does so with no compromises whatsoever.

Durability Meets Style

There is an awful lot to appreciate with the excellent design and choice of materials with the Vanacci Carbon Exo Wallet on Kickstarter and this cracking piece of EDC is ready for the future as it has been crafted to last a lifetime and integrate seamlessly with future technologies on the horizon. Minimalist from an aesthetic point of view, this first class wallet will look the part regardless of your own sense of style and the sheer level of versatility that it provides in comparison to most wallets really is unparalleled.

Available in two different iterations – namely, Minimus (Store *5-7 cards internally, cash and extra cards in the back) and Maximus (Store *5-7 cards internally. Just gives more options and storage. With Maximus, you have more space than any other wallet. Cash, coins, keys, SD cards, SIM cards are all going to fit in here) – and you can pick the one best suited to your requirements. There are a lot of stand out features with these striking Vanacci Carbon Exo Wallets including an ergonomic ejection which is a freshly designed internal mechanism with its own button delivering an all new ejection method that looks great and is exceptionally functional.

Offering extremely simple access to all your essential cards, the Vanacci Carbon Exo Wallet really is the dream ticket for those men that live their life at pace. You don’t even need to take your cards all the way out make payments as the eject mechanisms reveals enough of the card to be used in chip and pin machines without having to take the card out completely. If you carry quite a few cards and a lot of cash, the Maximus version is certainly the one for you with its abundant storage space delivered by an internal storage pocket for your cash, coins and keys.

A Flexible Wallet

Offering the sort of flexibility and versatility that contemporary men will demand of their accessories, the Vanacci Exo Carbon Wallet is available in four leather finishes and four different lining options which you’re able to pick from at the conclusion of their Kickstarter campaign. For the security conscious amongst you, you’ll be pleased to hear that this top class wallet offers offers TWICE the protection of other similar wallets on the market. The carbon leather acts as a second barrier to scammers, with the aluminium and stainless steel structure creating an impenetrable shield to safeguard your data.

If you find yourself in the market for a new wallet and want one dripping in cool features and so robust that it comes with a lifetime guarantee, the Vanacci Carbon Exo Wallet is the one for you. Stylish and versatile as they come, it’s not difficult to see why these wallets have flown past their funding target and if you want to pick one up for a bargain price head on over to Kickstarter now.

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