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Furniture is, of course, a pretty subjective thing from a taste point of view but, every once in a while, you come across a workshop that is creating awesome pieces of designer furniture and you love each and every piece. Well, for us here at Coolector HQ, that’s the case with an excellent Hertfordshire based woodworking furniture workshop by the name of Wicked Boxcar and, for those with a love of eye-catching furniture, you’ll likely join us in this affinity when you see what they’ve got up their sleeves.

Wicked Boxcar are a a husband and wife team that started out as a small woodworking studio in the foothills of the Rockies, USA. Back in the summer of 2013, however, they upsticks back home to London and this is where their top notch furniture workshop now resides. Taking their inspiration from the boxcars and cargo trains that transported freight all over the United States, the stunning selection of designer furniture from Wicked Boxcar really is second to none.

Check out a few of our favourite pieces from this exemplary furniture workshop below:

Small Maple & Walnut Dining Table

Gloriously finished and with striking hair pin legs, this small Maple & Walnut Dining Table from Wicked Boxcar is the ideal eating solution for flats where space is at a premium and can easily double as a desk or workspace. This elegant piece of designer furniture uses hardwood from a 1930’s American cargo train and the train was lovingly and painstakingly pulled apart to salvage the wood and that means this piece really does hold so much history and tells its own story. A great looking and functional dining table for smaller spaces.

Solid Walnut Coffee Table With Maple Inlay

Coffee tables simply don’t come much cooler than this solid walnut one with a maple inlay from Wicked Boxcar. This elegant and striking piece of designer furniture measures 91cm x 61cm and uses the raw material in a sophisticated way in order to showcase the eye-catching diversity and depth of its grain. This is then contrasted wonderfully well with the introduction of the maple inlay that delivers an unparalleled visual impact. This versatile and stylish design would would fit in seamlessly with an interior design endeavour.

Reclaimed Maple Coffee Table with Blue Inlay

A real feature of a lot of the pieces from Wicked Boxcar is striking resin inlays that bring their pieces of designer furniture to life and no where is this more evident than with this great looking Reclaimed Maple Coffee Table with Blue Inlay. This spectacular addition to any interior design is crafted from maple and steel and the vibrant resin inlays are smooth to the touch and the addition of these dashes of colour provides a quirky and playful element to this design. This is done in an understated way, without taking anything away from the natural beauty of the wood.

Dining Set – Reclaimed Oak Table and Matching Bench

If you’re really wanting a spectacular place for your family meals, this dining set from Wicked Boxcar that consists of a reclaimed oak table and matching bench is sure to fit the bill. Hand made to order, this exceptional piece of designer furniture is again crafted from reclaimed wood from 1930’s American cargo trains and Wicked Boxcar have  juxtaposed the elegantly aged grains with a bold black walnut wrap to intertwine history with a contemporary style to some considerable aesthetic effect. A great looking and versatile dining solution – perfect for your Christmas get togethers in a couple of months.

Black Walnut Desk With Live Edge Detail 

We’re big fans of live edge style furniture here at Coolector HQ and this Black Walnut Desk with Live Edge Detail from Boxcar Studio is a fine example of why we are so enamoured by it. Positively dripping in style and sophistication, this would make the perfect workspace for any creative individual and the desk makes use of solid walnut to deliver a beautifully even and intricate surface that you’ll find it impossible not to touch. It is carefully balanced on steel hairpin legs which provides an unbeatable combination of visual styles that will turn heads aplenty.

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