Vans OTW Prelow Cork Trainers

The latest addition to Vans line-up of summer footwear is a mightily striking one and one that will likely turn heads aplenty because it’s not the conventional fare that you typically associate with this purveyor of casual footwear. The Vans Prelow Cork Trainers are their latest entry to their OTW series of footwear and they boast the sort of unusual and bold aesthetic that will likely appeal to those who want to make their mark with their choice of footwear.

The Vans OTW Prelow Cork Trainers are designed with the traditional OTW silhouette in mind and this is something that definitely makes them at once recognisable but also strangely unusual given the material from which they are crafted. The Prelow Cork Trainers from Vans expertly pair a natural cork upper with black eyelets, laces and fabric lining and this superbly compliments one another.

You might think comfort would be compromised with a shoe made from cork but this certainly isn’t the case here as the Prelow boasts an ultracush HD rubber outsole for a superior level of comfort for everyday wear. Check out a few more shots of these awesome looking trainers below:



We’re massive fans of the style of these excellent trainers from Vans and the fact they’ve such an unusual and striking exterior merely serves to enhance our love of the aesthetic. For anyone who has been looking for a pair of sneakers that will make waves (and float in said waves) then these awesome Vans OTW Prelow Cork Trainers will undoubtedly tick all of the right boxes.

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