Various Keytags

You can tell a lot about a man about the bunch of keys that he carries and if you want to be seen in a favourable light then adding some of these awesome Various Keytags to your chain will definitely be a step in the right direction. Created with the design orientated in mind and with tongue firmly in cheek, we’re big fans of the humorous nature of these keytags and we’re willing to wager you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more extensive and unusual collection of tags for your keys out there.

Various Keytags are a New York based provider of awesomeness and you’ll likely become entranced with their website going through all the different iterations of keychains that they have to offer. Each one measures 51 x 19mm and is crafted from 100% microsurfaced impact acrylic so it will stand up to the inevitable buffering that your keys take on a daily basis.

If you’ve grown weary with the mundane nature of your set of keys and want to inject a touch of humour and colour into them then the addition of one of these Various Keytags will be the ideal place to start. You can go through all their offerings alphabetically on the website and they offer a customisation service if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for and want to craft a creation of your own. We love the playful nature of these keytags and have already encountered a dozen or more that we’d happily add to our chains here at Coolector HQ – great gift or purchase for yourself.

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