Vauxhall Adam S

As part of our recent excursion to the north here at Coolector HQ, taking in some of Manchester and Liverpool’s finest hotels (and craft beer bars), we were afforded the opportunity to road test one of the latest cars from Vauxhall – the Adam S – for the trip and, it’s fair to say, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Our first time behind the wheel of a Vauxhall, the first thing that took us by surprise was the luxurious nature of the interiors and the sheer quality of the tech throughout that really enhances the ride and made for a much more enjoyable road trip for the few hundred miles from London to the north west. The Vauxhall Adam S is perhaps best billed as a small but perfectly formed steed, capable of much more than you’d perhaps give it credit for on first glance.

Road Tripping

Settling into the comfortable seats and strapping in for the journey up north through the Peak District and the Pennines, which really tested the capabilities of the Vauxhall Adam S (which it passed with flying colours we might add), it is the impressive speed of the machine that really impressed in the first instance. It achieves this calibre of performance via the eye-catching specifications that it boasts which include a powerful 150PS engine, sports suspension and aerodynamic design – all of which combine to deliver a comfortable ride.

The Vauxhall Adam S that we were lucky enough to navigate north of the wall was one of the car maker’s latest models and boasted plenty of mod-cons that will impress even the most jaded of technology fans because each genuinely adds a level of comfort or functionality to your journey. For example, this top notch steed offered Vauxhall OnStar, which is basically your own personal connectivity and service assistant and makes sure that any journey or road trip that you’re on goes off without a hitch.

A bold aesthetic appearance immediately makes the Vauxhall Adam S stand out from the crowd and you’ll be left in awe of the distinctive side skirts, sculpted sports bumpers, aerodynamic rear roof spoiler and chromed exhaust pipe – which create the sort of visual impact it’s hard not to be won over by. Both internally and externally, this first rate vehicle left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ and it offered a smooth ride from first minute until last.

Top of the Range Specs

Every element of the design and construction of the Vauxhall Adam S screamed quality and there was a tangible sense of this from the minute we climbed in the driver’s seat. The handling of the car is second to none and it is extremely enjoyable to drive with an almost go-kart style feel to it that makes driving fun again. The Adam S achieves this agility through it’s low centre of gravity and advanced chassis technology optimised for the short wheelbase.

The technological elements of the Vauxhall Adam S inevitably appealed to us here at The Coolector given our gadgety leanings and it offered an awesome IntelliLink multimedia system with the all-important smartphone connectivity. IntelliLink is perfect for seamlessly providing music, photos, videos and maps to your 7-inch colour touchscreen which is essential for any road trip.

A machine that really took us by surprise both in terms of its supremely cool visuals and the sheer calibre of its performance, the Vauxhall Adam S is a car that we’d definitely be happy to see in our parking space and can’t wait to see what else this excellent British car-maker has in store for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

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