VIITA Titan HRV Smartwatch

Smartwatches, when first appearing on the market were, in our opinion at Coolector HQ, lacking in the sort of functionality that made them an essential addition to your EDC line up. With each passing year, however, more smartwatches enter the fray which begin to change our mindset and the latest to have done this is the excellent looking VIITA Titan HRV Smartwatch which is funding over on Indiegogo right now.

The VIITA Titan HRV Smartwatch is available for just $$329 during the Indiegogo campaign, which is over 50% off the RRP when it hits the shelves, so if you come to like what you see as you read on, make sure you don’t miss out on making your pledge. The VIITA Titan HRV Smartwatch aims to redefine the industry and uses first class materials such as titanium, ceramic and sapphire glass in their crafting so there is a real tangible sense of luxury to them.

Robust Performance

It’s plain to see that the VIITA Titan HRV Smartwatch is no shrinking violet and it has patently been built for adventure courtesy of the hardwearing and durable materials chosen throughout. It is the titanium that really gives it that extra level of robustness and this is used in the aircraft industry to withstand even the greatest pressure. It is 42% lighter and dramatically harder than stainless steel so you needn’t worry about the safety and performance of your smartwatch during any outdoor adventure.

The VIITA Titan HRV Smartwatch on Indiegogo has a supremely tough, scratch-resistant and almost indestructible sapphire crystal touch screen and the high-resolution display immediately catches the eye. It is waterproof to 10ATM and this means that you can swim, snorkel and take a shower without worrying about keeping your smartwatch on. Most crucially in our opinion, the VIITA has built in GPS which means you can leave your smartphone at home. In training mode, the built-in GPS records all movements and visualises them on your VIITA. The combination of GPS and GLONASS satellite systems allows centimeter-accurate route tracking.

Through the use of machine learning, the VIITA Titan HRV Smartwatch tells you exactly in which pulse range or how hard you should train. This clever bit of kit assesses your heart rate variability 24/7 and uses their intelligent algorithm to calculate your individual daily constitution-dependent training recommendation. Just by looking at the smartwatch and you instantly know how to train to get fitter or lose fat.

Impressive Battery Life

If you’ve been left less than impressed with the battery life of a previous smartwatch, you’ll be pleased to hear that the VIITA Titan HRV has an impressive two week battery life. This is courtesy of a tailor-made battery and a specially programmed operating system, which meant they were are able to remove background processes as far as possible, and thereby making energy management more streamlined.

With the opportunity to get your hands on one of these excellent looking smartwatches for under $400 during the Indiegogo campaign, now is the time to move if you’ve liked what you’ve seen. There is an awful lot to like about the VIITA Titan HRV Smartwatch on top of its fantastic price so if you’re after a near smart, wearable that will help you get fit and give you all the technological features you demand, look no further.

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