Villa Molli

Italy has some of the most mesmerising lakes out there and some equally as breathtaking housing that is positioned to fully appreciate them. One of the most enchanting we’ve seen in a while is Villa Molli from Lorenzo Guzzini Architects and this vast property has some 360m2 of living space, most of which is designed to make the most of the glorious views that stretch out before it.

The beauty of Villa Molli from Lorenzo Guzzini Architects lies in the fact that it is located adjacent to one of the country’s most popular lakes, Lake Como. It is positioned on the mountain between the lake and the wood and has some of the most impressive views of the lake imaginable. This cleverly designed villa has many striking features coupled with a contemporary, understated vibe that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ.

Priceless Views

Lake Como is one of Italy’s top tourist attractions such is its breathtaking views and climate and Villa Molli really is designed to make the most of everything it has to offer. The plot of land on which the villa is positioned hangs from west to east and from south to north and courtesy of a retaining wall above it, it passes the historic pedestrian street that connects most of the northern villages of the lake and provides easy access for the lucky homeowners of this spectacular property.

One of the most amazing parts of Villa Molli is the fact it delivers amazing views of Comacina Island from the vast windows that are positioned throughout the property. The property consists of two higher volumes at the either end of the lot, which is connected to the ground floor by a large living room and on the first floor by a welcoming and relaxing terrace space for making the most of those amazing views.

A great combination of traditional design and contemporary innovation really makes Villa Molli stand out from the crowd and the architects have done an exemplary job of capitalising upon the Lake Como views that surround it. Muted tones are the call of the day with the interior design of this villa and it fits in perfectly with its surroundings and despite the modern nature of the build, it couldn’t fit in any better with its traditional setting on the shores of Lake Como.

Stunning Inside and Out

Everywhere you look with Villa Molli you’ll see a neat little design touch that helps make it one of our favourite architectural projects of 2020 so far here at Coolector HQ. Lorenzo Guzzini Architects have done a fantastic job of showcasing their creative prowess with this property and the fact it has such glorious views of Lake Como is the real icing on the cake.

Needless to say, a villa overlooking Lake Como wouldn’t come cheap and the homeowners have clearly put a lot of attention to detail into the design of this exceptional Italian property. We can’t wait to see what other projects Lorenzo Guzzini Architects will be working on in the rest of 2020 and beyond.

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