Vilnius Moto House BMW K1100 Cafe Racer

Lithuania might not be the first country that you think of when it comes to awesome motorcycle builds but chances are that this stunning BMW K1100 Cafe Racer from Vilnius Moto House will put paid to those preconceptions. It is one mighty eye-catching steed that has a breathtaking aesthetic and a real attention to the little details to make it one of the coolest looking motorbikes we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ.

The Vilnius Moto House BMW K1100 Cafe Racer is brilliantly designed and built and boasts all manner of stand out features which help to set it apart from the competition. Vilnius Moto House (VMH) have been operating under that moniker for six years now, but their experience in customising bikes stretches all the way back to 1999 so they’re certainly not newcomers. This BMW K1100 Cafe Racer is a superb example of their skills and it’s hard not to be won over by its bold visuals and impressive performance.

Monstrous Machine

Built from the ground up, the first step when creating this Cafe Racer was to dismantle everything, a process they attacked with some considerable vigour. Then they moved onto tackling what was probably the biggest task of the build: namely, modifying the K-series frame to even out its erratic lines. To achieve this, they refined the back end with a sharp, all-new subframe. Then they grafted in the rear shock from a Yamaha R6, modifying the shock mounts in the process. Some tweaking and lowering happened up front as well.

The last change made to this BMW K1100 Cafe Racer from Vilnius Moto House came in the form of a pair of 19” Harley-Davidson V-Rod front wheels which give a real no-nonsense aesthetic to the machine and an unparalleled performance out on the road. Vilnius Moto House chose them because their client specifically wanted solid wheels on his bike. They took some fettling to make work especially on the rear, which was widened and adapted to match the BMW’s single-sided swing arm.

The tires are vintage Shinko 270 Super Classic whitewalls, and the brakes are the stock K units (with fresh discs and upgraded lines) but just as VMH thought they had the rolling chassis sussed, the project stalled and after a six month hiatus, they got back to it and we’re mighty glad they did because it would be sad if they hadn’t completed a build as remarkable as this one.

Eye-Catching Cockpit

The cockpit of this BMW K1100 Cafe Racer from Vilnius Moto House was finished off with a digital speedometer and new clip-ons, grips and switches which give it a visually arresting aesthetic in our opinion here at The Coolector. A set of hand-made foot pegs finished off the controls and you’ll be hard pressed to find a cooler looking motorbike than this anywhere out there.

It boasts a spin on BMW’s traditional tricolour motorsports scheme, but it has been completed in monochrome and with a hand-painted feel that gives it a much more unique look than the norm. Together with a little contrast stitching on the seat, it’s a subtle but effective approach and one we’ve been left mighty impressed with here at Coolector HQ.

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