Vintage Arcade Skeeball

As we didn’t grow up in Coney Island in the early 1900s, we’re perhaps not quite as au fait with the game of skeeball as we like here at Coolector HQ but that’s an issue that we aim to remedy if we can get our hands on one of these devilishly dapper Vintage Arcade Skeeball Machines by Restoration Hardware.

The game of skeeball was invented in Philadelphia in 1909 so it is just over a century old now, so it’s high time that we here at The Coolector get to grips with this fun-filled game. Given our proclivity for enjoying a pint or two, we’re likely to get plenty of use out of this vintage skeeball machine as we get gradually more inebriated here at headquarters.

This superb offering from Restoration Hardware is immaculately crafted from a hand-finished oak exterior, in keeping with the original skeeball machines of the early 20th century, but this more up-to-date version has a level of technical functionality that would have been beyond the earliest versions of the game. We’re definitely impressed with this fantastically retro looking machine and we’re already moving a few things around in order to make room for it at Coolector HQ.

Price: $6,995

Available: Restoration Hardware.

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