Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker Bike

Finding a mode of transport that fits in with your lifestyle and aesthetic ideals is an undertaking which is often a lot more difficult that it may seem on the surface of things. If, however, you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll find everything that you’re looking for from a visual and performance point of view with the extraordinary looking Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker Bike which has been crafted in collaboration with Emory Motorsports.

The Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker Bike takes its design inspiration from tastemakers, misfits and hard workers – the Outlaws, as Vintage Electric call them and we’re pretty sure that you’ll be hard pressed to find another steed which boasts the same sort of awesome retro vibe that positively exudes from this first class electric bike from the Santa Clara based purveyor of top class contraptions.

Electrifying Design

Built meticulously in California, the Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker Bike, made alongside Emory Motorsports, is a limited edition offering which spectacularly rolls speed and style into one out of this world machine that is sure to catch the eye of cafe racer aficionados on the hunt for a new bike to get about on. Limited to just 50 units, its plain to see that these won’t be hanging around for long because when contraptions this awesome looking hit the shelves, it’s never long before they’re all gone and it will be no exception with gloriously designed and crafted Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker Bike.

We’re more and more leaning towards electric bikes here at Coolector HQ and we’ve seldom see any workshop produce any better than these from California based Vintage Electric. And their Outlaw Tracker Bike might just be their best to date in our opinion. This phenomenal looking machine has deep silver metallic paint which really does look completely at home on the Outlaw Tracker. It is one of Rod Emory’s most notable and recognisable colour choices and is the true calling card of his iconic bike.

The Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker Bike has an Emory inspired bucket headlight housed by a mesh grill with a powerful LED light beneath to illuminate any trails you aim to tackle on this spiffing steed. There are no exposed wires on this uber-cool looking contraption and this is great because it helps to maintain the understated, retro style aesthetic that we’re really loving here at The Coolector.

Unparalleled Performance

The quality of the craftsmanship with the Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker Bike really is second to none and the materials used and attention to detail in its manufacture really set it apart in the electric bike market and we’re thoroughly impressed with its design from top to bottom here at Coolector HQ. It has a classic moto-inspired inverted design, with a suspension fork that is made to last. The road race valving smoothens ensures maximum road performance and you’ll be blown away by just how smooth a ride that this steed is capable of delivering.

For any man on the hunt for a retro styled, aesthetically superior electric bike over the next few months, with the added benefit of exclusivity, with just 50 being made, the Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker Bike definitely gets our vote here at The Coolector and we’re sure we’re not alone in being bewitched by its impeccable visuals.

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