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London isn’t just the city in which we work here at Coolector HQ, it is also one of our favourite cities in the entire world and, having visited more than a few in our time, that is testament to just what an excellent and vibrant place our nation’s capital truly is.

It’s all well and good knowing about London’s superb array of culture, nightlife and attractions when you’re from here but it is important to shout from the rooftops about exactly what it’s got going on for those less au fait with the London lifestyle. That’s exactly what Visit London do with their exceptionally detailed and engaging array of activities, events and attractions that are transpiring in the city on a month by month basis.

Despite the fact we live and work in London, we’re the first to admit that we often miss loads of the latest and greatest events and attractions happening on our doorstep and that’s why sites like Visit London are a godsend – giving you access to their extensive local knowledge and overview of exactly what is going on when you’re planning to visit our capital city. Take a look at the video below to see what a compelling case Visit London put across for heading to the Big Smoke.



Autumn is a season in which London really comes alive and for those planning to head across the Atlantic from New York or Los Angeles (or anywhere truth be told), you could seldom pick a better time to head to our fair capital than the next couple of months.

There is never a time when plenty of events and attractions aren’t unfolding in London but Autumn brings about ever more fantastic goings on that are simply too good to be ignored and it’s little surprise that New Yorkers and LA residents get the travel bug to head over to our capital. Just a few of the exciting happenings in London this autumn include the BFI London Film Festival, Bluesfest at the O2 Arena and the Lord Mayor’s Show.

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