Vokyl Erupt Headphones

Computer games today are becoming ever more immersive and engaging and a lot of this interaction and enjoyment comes from the music, soundtracks and sound effects from within the game and, in order to fully enjoy these, it is always a good idea to get your hands on some first class gaming headphones. Well, there is a new contender on the block which will be releasing soon by the name of Vokyl Erupt Headphones and, from what we’ve seen so far here at Coolector HQ, they might just be the coolest gaming headphones to date.

The Vokyl Erupt Gaming Headphones are billed as the first hi-fi gaming headset which also boast an anodized all-aluminium chassis and studio-grade Al-Mg drivers for a truly out of this world audio performance. Each pair is CNC-milled in St. Louis, Missouri, with the Vokyl Erupt’s solid construction and analog design being carefully crafted for gamers who want clean, sparkling sound in a headset which is built to truly stand the test of time.

Eye-Catching Design

Your eye will be immediately drawn to the bold visual impact of these Vokyl Erupt Gaming Headphones and they have been crafted as a collaboration with the gaming community. The team behind their creation worked closely with the gamer/audiophile community in order to make Erupt come to life and provide the high level of performance that gamers will demand. The headphones are wonderfully well crafted so they will seamlessly blend into any gamer’s environment working with their personalised choice of equipment.

The Vokyl Erupt Gaming Headphones have a suspension headband system which has been custom designed for long hours of gaming. The machined aluminium cups boast an understated side silhouette but also celebrate a bold open back grill on their faces. This grill pattern is driven by a custom parametric script that creates non-uniform – radially arranged pattern of circles and, quite frankly, looks amazing.

Behind the grill of the Vokyl Erupt Headphones is acoustic fabric which will help improve the clarity of the sound within the game. The headphones are as simple as they can get from an aesthetic and design point of view – meaning that there are no flashy LEDS, cheap plastic parts or unnecessary details to detract from the most important factor; their performance. A lot of prototyping went into the creation of these headphones to make sure they fit exactly as they should and were comfortable even with prolonged usage.

Inbound Sound

The Vokyl Erupt Headphones aren’t currently available to purchase but will be heading onto a crowdfunding platform near you before long so if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, play a lot of video games and want an awesome new set of headphones, make sure you sign up to their mailing list so that you’re the first to know when their headphones hit the market.

Great design and technology combine to make this a mighty impressive looking set of gaming headphones and we’re sure that when they hit Kickstarter or Indiegogo they will rapidly become a popular campaign. The sound in games is becoming almost as important as the graphics in many respects so make sure you hear it as the game designers intended with an impeccable set of headphones like the Vokyl Erupt.

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