Volata Bicycle

Bicycles have, lets face it, been more or less the same for decades upon decades now so it is perhaps high time that someone went about reinventing the wheel so to speak and that could be exactly what we have on our hands with the rather glorious looking Volata Bicycle.

Billed as the evolution of your everyday bike, this spiffing construct from Volata is suitably different for one key reason to stand out from the crowd in the highly competitive bicycle market. The Volata Bicycle is, on the face of it, not much different from a traditional bike but, dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover that it boasts some most impressive features indeed.

The feature that truly sets the Volata apart is the advanced electronics “brain” that delivers smart digital features to give you a one-of-a-kind biking experience and access to all the metrics and data from your journey – something that keen cyclists have been after for years. Check out a few more shots below:

Volata Handle Bars Speed_highres

Volata Front Lights_highres

Volata Gravel_highres

Volata Office Working_highres

Volata Ready To Ride_highres

Volata Locking Bike_highres

This technologically superior bicycle from Volata is unquestionably going to appeal to those gadget inclined cyclists and it’s certainly turned our head here at Coolector HQ as well. This superb looking bike is supremely well designed in its own right with an emphasis on speed and reliability but the added bonus of the technology beating heart that delivers metrics about your journey really is the icing on the cake in our opinion.

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