Topo Designs Y-Pack

A reliable carry is pretty much worth its weight in gold, particularly if you find yourself regularly heading out into the wild and that’s why a lot of people gravitate towards Topo Designs when the time comes to update their backpack and accessories. As if to reinforce this fact, they have got another awesome offering to be wowed by in the shape of this excellent looking Topo Designs Y-Pack that won’t let you down in the great outdoors.

The Topo Designs Y-Pack is a modern twist on the more traditional flap pack carry and provides a highly versatile performance as a result. It boasts a wide flap and single latch closure in order to fuse classical style and modern functionality to dramatic aesthetic effect.

As you’d expect from a Topo Designs carry, it is incredibly robust and lightweight with an abundance of storage for all your day-to-day or camping requirements. You can take a look at a few more shots of the Y-Pack from Topo Designs in action below:








Topo Designs are one of our favourite brands here at Coolector HQ and they consistently deliver awesomeness whenever releasing new accessories onto the market and their magnificent Y-Pack is no exception. If you’re on the hunt for a versatile, functional carry that has plenty going on in the storage department and is built to last then you, sir, need look no further than the Y-Pack from Topo Designs.

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