Volta Electric Bicycle

As warmer weather approaches and the sun decides to show its warm glow again, we begin to make our journey outdoors. This can be a busy transition period. None of the new spring time decisions can be as gruelling as “What new bike should I invest it?” You start to do your research, you’ve checked hundreds of sites and blogs. Before you know it, it’s autumn again.

Fear not, the solution is at hand courtesy of Pure cycle, the established bike company, and their exceptional looking Volta Electric Bike which is billed as the smartest e-bike ever built with around 40 miles of power in the tank and all packaged in a sleek, budget-friendly package that doesn’t scream e-bike like its competitors.

Electrifying Design

Pure Cycles is introducing a new bike that makes that decision as to whether to buy an electric bike a whole lot easier. The eye-catching Volta Electric Bike doesn’t aim to reinvent the wheel but instead focuses on making sure that it does all the things you’d be looking for from an electric bike.

You needn’t have any concerns about Pure Cycles’ first crack at the ever-changing market of e-bikes. I know what you’re thinking, another e-bike, really? Yes, really. The Volta offers features and obvious additions to the e-bike that will change how perceive them. Being that the creator of Volta have had tons of experience in bike manufacturing, their common-sense approach give us a high-quality bike, at an amazing price point.

So, what does the Volta Electric Bike offer that your average e-bike doesn’t? Well to start off, it’s 40 mile-single charge battery ensures that you can get to point A to B to C and back to A, without the fear of a dead battery. And what’s the biggest fear of everyone anywhere? A DEAD BATTERY! The pedal assist motor means you’re not dealing with throttles and confusing buttons, but rather getting a boost with every pedal.

With every brake you regenerate power, to boot! It’s lightweight and easy to transport frame make storing your bike easier than ever. Need to walk your bike up 4 flights of stairs to your new apartment? That’s not a problem with the Volta. It’s app has enabled GPS tracking, in case you ever lose the bike (it really is that light) or it gets stolen (because it looks great.) The app also features a workout log and smart modes to maximise battery life, ensuring you get your exercise in, without draining your battery.

Breathtaking Value

So, what could make this bike ever better? If you’re like us here at Coolector HQ, you have seen other e-bikes and have probably come to the conclusion that this bike is at least 4,000 dollars or more. Well, the retail price of the Volta is $2,500 and backers of their KickStarter campaign get an even bigger break to make it even more tempting.

Backers of the Volta will receive their bike for $1,500. And to sweeten the pot, they’ve made a promise that all backers will receive their Volta before the years end. So, now that you know what your next bike will be time to look for places to ride it.

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