Volvo Reality Road Part III

The last in Volvo’s Reality Road series featuring the talented Swedish / American songstress, Mapei, is just as entertaining as those that have preceded it and raps ups the road trip wonderfully well. The Volvo Reality Road series of videos has chronicled a journey across mainland europe in a lorry and captured some of the glorious moments that were inevitably going to ensue.

This final collection sees the action transplanted to Verona in Italy and Mapei taking on one of her greatest fears – namely, horses. As we’ve come to expect from Volvo, the action is captured gloriously and admirably illustrates their skills in bringing their great products to the public’s attention in new and engaging ways. You can check out the last two videos from Reality Road by Volvo below:

We’ve very much enjoyed the road trip series from Volvo and we dare say that there will be plenty of others out there who have been equally as enamoured with this entertaining, insightful and visually arresting series of videos that really does show a new side to Volvo and their trucking products.

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