Inherent Vice

When thinking of influential film makers of the last decade, few names spring more readily to mind than that of Paul Thomas Anderson and it’s fair to say that we were mightily excited when we got wind of the news that he was to adapt Thomas Pynchon’s novel, Inherent Vice.

We were excited before we’d even seen a single second of footage from the film because, truth be told, there can seldom be a safer pair of hands for a movie than the There Will Be Blood, Magnolia and The Master director and as the trailer above superbly illustrates, Inherent Vice looks set to continue Anderson’s rich film making tradition.

Inherent Vice boasts a wonderfully eclectic, all-star cast that includes PTA favourite, Joaquin Phoenix, alongside the likes of Owen Wilson, Josh Brolin, Reese Witherspoon and Benicio Del Toro and follows the story of a private eye by the name of Doc Sportello who becomes embroiled in a story of kidnap, jealousy and paranoia. Set in the psychedelic late 1960’s, there is some delightful visual treats in Inherent Vice and, for fans of Paul Thomas Anderson’s previous films, this looks to a more comical offering to his last few offerings and, in our humble opinion, all the better for it.

The trailer itself really brings the 1960’s to life and this is a real skill of Anderson’s insomuch as he seems incomparably capable of really capturing an era in his films and this again appears to be the case with Inherent Vice. We’re ridiculously excited about the impending release of this fantastic looking movie and, somewhat brilliantly, it’s out much earlier than we anticipated with it hitting the big screen this December.

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