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When push comes to shove, most men will admit that their most important piece of EDC is their wallet and, given that most men’s wallets have all their essentials within – from credit cards to driving licenses – it is imperative that you do your utmost to ensure you don’t lose it. With that in mind, it’s noticeable that more and more brands are now offering trackable wallets using GPS technology and we’ve seen few brands doing this better than Walli. Thousands of men forget or lose their wallet every day. And it can be quite an issue to deal with. The Walli Trackable Wallet is the solution to that problem.

Smart tech is becoming an ever more important part of the modern man’s EDC collection and wallets are one of the areas that are capitalising upon this type of technology the most. Walli is a Dallas based technology startup that develops highly innovative and intuitive products. The company’s first release, the everyday smart wallet, was first introduced in late 2015 on crowdfunding platforms Indiegogo and Kickstarter and was a resounding success. In April, 2020, Walli launched their 4th generation of smart trackable wallets which improved stability and usability of the product as well as other features requested by their valued customers. If you want a wallet you won’t lose track of – look no further.

Always Know Your Wallet’s Whereabouts

Keeping track of your wallet is something that all men should be concerned with and the Walli Trackable Wallets make this easier than ever before. And do so in some considerable style. There is a danger that smart tech inspired wallets lose some of their aesthetic appeal but no so with Walli’s Original and Travel Wallets – which cost $89 and $119 respectively. Made from full grain leather, there is a real tangible sense of quality to these top class wallets and they will add to the appeal of your everyday carry exponentially.

The beauty of the Walli Trackable Wallets lies in the fact that they are always connected and, therefore, gives you the peace of mind that you’ll never be far from your most important possession. As soon as you connect your Walli Wallet to your smart phone, you cash and cards will be safe and secure. It is compatible with both Android and iOS and the Walli app will be triggered whenever you venture too far from your wallet to help ensure that you never leave it behind again.

With the Walli Trackable Wallets there is a replaceable battery which means that you won’t need to do any charging and has a performance designed to last and you won’t need to change the battery for some time. Designed for everyday use, these wallets have the technological edge on their competitors which will help make a lost, stolen or misplaced wallet a thing of the past for today’s modern man.

Fine Features Throughout

The Walli Wallets (both the Original and Travel versions) come with one SecurePocketTM slot card which means you will get notified on your phone when you lose your card from this pocket via the Walli app. You can track your wallet by knowing the GPS coordinates of the last known location and ring your wallet with the press of a button on the Walli App for those times its fallen down the back of the sofa or under the bed.

With a range of some 200ft and a battery life of 6 months, the Walli Trackable Wallets have got all the bases covered and with prices starting at just $89, they will pay for themselves in the peace of mind that comes from knowing where your wallet is at all times. These wallets are also compatible with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant for the ultimate in hands free, functional performance. What are you waiting for?

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