The Wave House

Architecture is an artform which never ceases to amaze us here at Coolector HQ and regardless of whether you’re a traditionalist or prefer the more contemporary designs, there is always new and amazing pieces cropping up that leave us somewhat gobsmacked and the latest to have accomplished this all too common feat is the sensationally stylish and impeccably designed The Wave House by Los Angeles based architect, Mario Romano.

There is a real stand out feature to The Wave House that will immediately draw the eye of any visitor and that is the, frankly spectacular, huge, undulating wave-esque exterior which looks absolutely phenomenal. The Wave House can be found in Venice, California and totals 5700 square feet encompassing five bedrooms within and highly innovative and well designed living spaces that will make you incredibly jealous.

Catching the Wave

Whilst the exterior of The Wave House is undoubtedly intriguing, it’s equally as mesmerising on the inside as well and boasts a number of organically designed floors aim at really maximising the available floor space and delivering the ultimate in comfort and luxury for the lucky owner.

The Wave House makes use of CNC technology alongside customised digital tools and it’s creator, Mario Romano, has managed to achieve the stunning aesthetic of the exterior, wave-like skin by using hundreds of unique pieces that were then appended to a complex metal structure to make the truly astounding visual impact. In addition, he has utilised horizontal, stained cedar boards under the soffit which do a superb job of contrasting again the the understated aluminium panelling.

If you like your architecture unconventional and prepared to push the boat out aesthetically speaking, The Wave House is certainly going to tick plenty of the right boxes and, better still, the house boasts a big outdoor space with a well thought out swimming pool design which helps to bring the outdoors inside and vice versa.

First Class Features

It isn’t just the spectacular exterior that really makes this amazing piece of architecture appeal, it is the little touches as well which includes the fact that the wall and flooring systems that Mario Romano weaved into the finished design that are both antibacterial and waterproof which makes them perfectly suited for people with children.

A truly mesmerising piece of architecture in one of our favourite parts of the world here at Coolector HQ, The Wave House is certainly the sort of outside of the box design that we love and for those of you equally as impressed with contemporary style, innovative architecture are sure to love it too.

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