Duo Smart Mirror

We’ve seen a fair few concept designs for a so-called smart mirror in our time here at Coolector HQ but now, we’re pleased to report, a brand is making one for real and, better still, it looks all sorts of awesome. Say hello to the incredible looking Duo Smart Mirror.

Billed as an AI computer for your home, the Duo Smart Mirror only looks like a mirror on the surface because beneath that, a mighty powerful technological beating heart is to be found that will deliver a thoroughly impressive performance for all your home computing needs. Described as a computer crafted just for your home, the Duo Smart Mirror lets you talk to it, stream music, play videos, manage your lighting, enjoy your favourite games, and, purely and simply, experience your home like never before. And, needless to say, we want one.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The Duo Smart Mirror is a voice activated device and boasts a 27″ touch screen display that serves as a sort of mission control for your home from which you can carry out all sorts of tasks at the touch of a button or voice command. It allows you to connect with and control other smart devices around your home and the Duo Smart Mirror boasts a sleek, understated aesthetic that certainly won’t compromise any interior design aesthetic that you’ve got going on.

With an AI assistant by the name of Albert at your beck and call with the Duo Smart Mirror, you’ll be able to fully control all your favourite devices in order to play your music, watch videos and check the weather to name but a few. You can personalise your robotic butler and change their name, accent, gender and their jokiness should you so wish and this level of customisation is sure to appeal. Delivered with a whole host of powerful native apps, alongside the ability to download your favourite apps from the Apple Store, you’ll be amazed with the capabilities of this first class device.

If you’re wanting to make your home a bit classier for the evening, you can turn the Duo Smart Mirror into a reflective art frame, displaying your favourite pieces of art and it’s thin profile, measuring just 19mm, means that it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your walls and will integrate perfectly with your decorative endeavours.

Functional Fun

Using the Duo Smart Mirror will, of course, add to the functionality of your home, instantly making your other smart devices much more useful to you and it’s just fun to be able to speak to a mirror and ask it to do things for you without fear of being committed as a result.

The Duo Smart Mirror is currently undertaking pre-orders as we speak and it’s certainly likely to be extremely popular given just how much buzz there has been around concept designs offering the same thing. With an expected delivery date of October 2017, you’ll not have too long to wait to get Albert in your home, doing your technological bidding.

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