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Tattoos are, of course, a pretty permanent undertaking so you will likely want to put some serious consideration in before committing the ink to your skin. OR you could have a bash with these awesome looking temporary offerings from We Are Ink’d that will give you all (or at least some) of the benefits of having a tattoo without the potential regret that ensues should it not turn out as you would like.

As someone who constantly toys with the idea of a tattoo but has a questionable level of maturity, these brilliant We Are Ink’d Temporary Tattoos are an ideal middle ground that will let us get to grips with the aesthetic of having a tattoo but which allows us to remove it with a hearty scrub in the shower. We Are Ink’d are a Bristol based brand that boasts a bevy of top class illustrators and designers as their temporary tattoo providers and you can see some of the best designs below:





As a precursor to getting an actual tattoo, we’ve seen few designs better than these from We Are Ink’d who boast great looking illustrations from some top notch designers such as Jack Teagle, Marcus Walters and Paul Bowers who will likely cater to the tastes of hipsters the world over.

If you’re entertaining the notion of getting a tattoo but want something with a little less permanency to begin with then a quick perusal of the We Are Ink’d website will likely give you a good starting point with your tattoo desires.

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