Orange Chef Smart Prep Pad

We’re, admittedly, not the healthiest of eaters here at Coolector HQ but this could, perhaps, be down to the fact we don’t have the right gadgetry to act as our Sherpa on the path to healthy eating (it isn’t, it’s because of an inherent love of unhealthy food) but a new piece of wizardry by the name of the Orange Chef Smart Prep Pad could be the one that makes a difference to our (or indeed any unhealthy eater’s) cooking capabilities.

Put simply, the Orange Chef Smart Prep Pad is a smart food scale / preparation board that can calculate nutrition and give you a much better overview of the ingredients you’re using in your cooking endeavours. This impressive piece of kit is capable of giving exact nutritional values based on actual weights of the produce and not the labels that are provided with them which will help you create more nutritionally balanced meals.

You will be able to personalise your Orange Chef Smart Prep Pad to meet your own nutritional requirements and tailor it to create the right portion sizes to help maintain a healthy diet. It’s an impressive piece of kit and the video below does a more admirable job than I at showcasing its capabilities:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″][/vimeo]

In order to work properly, the Orange Chef Smart Prep Pad requires you to download a supportive app that helps it to determine the nutritional values of the ingredients you are measuring but if it helps you to eat a healthier, more balanced diet, who are we to argue. We’re big advocates of technological innovation here at The Coolector and whilst the Orange Chef Smart might not be the sort of gadgetry that appeals to all, it’s right up our street and we’ve been left mightily impressed.


If you’ve a desire to improve the balance of the meals that you eat and think that technological wizardry will be a major assistance in achieving this, then the Orange Chef Smart Prep Pad will likely be somewhat of a Godsend. We’re extremely impressed with its apparent capabilities here at Coolector HQ and with a relatively reasonable pricepoint, you’ll be able to get healthier meals without breaking the bank.

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