Weizen Beer Shampoo

Typically speaking, we spend a lot of time smelling like beer here at Coolector HQ given our proclivity for craft ales but there’s always room to have a touch more of a beer aroma and, for that reason, we were delighted to discover this rather excellent looking Weizen Beer Shampoo which boasts some superb branding and a great vintage appeal.

This Weizen Beer Shampoo is the work of German designer, Frank Leder, and, fear not, it doesn’t have you reeking of cheap beer like a night out might but rather has notes of herbs and spices with a hint of wheat beer. It boasts ingredient and formulas that have been “handed down from Austrian artisans” and when you consider that the Austrians have beer spas dotted around their country (lucky swines) then the concept of a beer shampoo doesn’t seem so outlandish and we’re definitely not opposed to lathering our locks in a beer flavoured shampoo here at Coolector HQ. Check out a few more shots of the Weizen Beer Shampoo below:

shampoo4 shampoo2 shampoo3

A decidedly spiffing gift for any beard aficionado, the great looking Weizen Beer Shampoo has left us impress at The Coolector and we dare say we’ll soon have a bottle of this cracking shampoo residing next to the shower soon. Filled with great, natural ingredients, you needn’t worry about ending up smelling like a brewery when using this cracking product and we’re massive fans of the retro appeal of this shampoo and, let’s face it, it almost looks good enough to drink.

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