We love our timepieces here at Coolector HQ and go for sporadic bursts of trying to get fit from time to time so always try to keep abreast of any technology that might serve some assistance on this front. Well, in the form of the rather awesome looking Wellograph Fitness Watch we’ve found something that sates both these requirements and if you’re in the market for a timepiece that is as stylish as it is useful, chances are the Wellograph could be just the one for you.

Billed more as an “activity tracker” than a timepiece, the Wellograph has caught our eye with its superb array of features that straddle both style and technology fantastically well. The beating heart of this first rate device is a Tri-LED heart rate sensor that is integrated into the spherical surface and serves the same purpose as a doctor holding his finger to your wrist in tracking your heart rate.

The Wellograph is fashioned from a stainless steel upper case that is striking to the eye and as resilient as you would expect which primarily serves as a bit of kit for the action inclined. Available with a number of different strap types – including NATO and deep brown straps – you’ll be able to wearing this great looking device when its not being used to track your motion, heart rate and day to day activity. Take a look at a few more shots of this excellent Wellograph Watch below:

wellograph suit



We’ve seen a few fitness watches in our time at The Coolector but not many have managed to balance style and functionality as expertly as the Wellograph and, for that, we salute it. They’re not quite ready for market yet but they can be preordered from their site so you can get one strapped to your wrist as soon as they are ready.

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