Werewolf Set

If you’ve grown weary of playing Texas Hold ‘Em or Blackjack and you’re after a new card game to keep you entertained, we’ve just stumbled across one that looks both bonkers and brilliant in equal measure and it goes by the name of Werewolf and it may well work wonders for your poker face.

Werewolf is, essentially, a game whereby you’ll be required to fend off accusations, make speeches defending yourself and cast aspersions about those around you. Sounds good, right? The game is for between 7 and 24 players and basically consists of each player being handed a card with an image that depicts their role within the game be it werewolf, innocent villager, seer or doctor and one moderator who oversees proceedings.

We’re not going to lie, it was the spiffing design of this Werewolf Set of cards that immediately caught our eye here at Coolector HQ but the premise of the game is also decidedly intriguing and is enjoyed the world over in various different guises. Check out a few more shots of this awesome looking Werewolf Set below:






If you’re wanting to branch out your card playing antics into something considerably more monstrous and suitable for large groups then Werewolf may well be worth a shot. With this particular version, each set is delivered in a hand-crafted felt pouch and doesn’t require any other items such as dice to play so it is highly portable and can be taken anywhere. A brilliant designed set for this unusual looking and sure to be entertaining game.

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