Light n’ Go Bonfire Log

One of the biggest annoyances for many when it comes to the great outdoors is getting a fire up and running but it needn’t be a laborious process courtesy of these rather excellent looking outdoor accessory that goes by the name of the Light ‘n’ Go Bonfire Log.

A key benefit of the Light ‘n’ Go Bonfire Log is its portability which means that it can be taken on any outdoor adventure without being too cumbersome and space consuming. Getting a fire started can be tricky at times when in the wild but the Light ‘n’ Go Bonfire Log brings these troubles to an end with its intuitive and time-saving benefits which mean you can start your fire with a single match in a matter of seconds.

The Light ‘n’ Go Bonfire Log uses no chemicals and is just a pure white birch with paperboard firestarter and provides a flame that burns extremely well for 1.5 hours (with a larger size offering a 2.5 hour burn). If you’re planning some camping trips this summer but don’t want to pit wits with making a fire then some of these should definitely making their way to the campsite with you. Check out a few more shots below:



We’re definitely keen advocates of the outdoor lifestyle here at The Coolector but anything that makes things a little easier and gives us more time to spend with our craft ales is OK by us and that’s certainly something which can be applied to the awesome Light ‘n’ Go Bonfire Log and we’ll be packing one away the next time we head into the wild.

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